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My First Anything Really

2012-07-27 04:22:58 by farnayway

Ok. So I may not be famous, yet. But that should not stop you from giving a few aspiring artists thier do credit. I once new a man who could remember anything you could tell him, then someone told him to do something great. He did remember that statement, but he chose not to follow his intuition. He left himself blind to others because he did not have the dedication to suffice anything of worth, so he did die and his memories of all those aspirations faded into oblivion, similar to diamonds ground down to sand and whisked over the beach. He had no meaning in life and lived a life of hatred and absence. He did truly die. But then he said this man could start over. He allowed this man to be reborn with his same soul, with his same memories, feelings and aspirations, but he had something better within his new body; inspiration. He drew in all things around him and morphed them to his own will. Persistent he was in his goals, dedicated to this renewal of life, happy he was in his work. And he said this man did as what was pleasing and grateful. He did not care if this man was aware of his workings, because he loved this man more than any other being could. He meant for us to live life with meaning, that is the true meaning of life.


2011-02-07 03:14:02 by farnayway

Hey guys, just made my account and wanted everyone to know (if you care). I'm actually in the videogame biseness (spelt that wrong) and I am thinking of buying a flash game creater. Or mabey just flash. It's just the fact that... Im really poooooooor. Well I'm not really poor, but I just wanted to know if it is worth th money and weeks of starvation to amuse some people. Please reply. PACKERS WON!!!!!! :D